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What is the goal about?

Achieving equality between men and women by eliminating discrimination and violence against women and girls, empowerment of women to rise to their potential, and achievement of equality between women and men in all spheres of life.

How does that relate to the Lebanon context?)

In spite of solid achievements with regard to equality and empowerment, women in Lebanon still face inequality in society, politics, legal affairs and the labour market. Lebanon does not yet enjoy full and unconditional equality between men and women.

Key Statistics

Did you know…

…that in the 2016 municipal elections about 100 more women were elected than in the 2010 municipal elections, while women still only represent 5.5% of the municipal council seats?

…that only 23.5% of women are part of the labour market, whereas the proportion of men is 70.3%?

… that only 3 percent of national parliamentary seats are held by women?

Goals in action

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