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What is the goal about?

Ensuring affordable, reliable and sustainable energy while also increasing our use of renewable energy.

How does that relate to the Lebanon context?

Lebanon has a high potential to move away from oil as a main fuel for energy and rely more on renewable energy from resources such as sun, wind and water. There is room for improvement in relation to greenhouse gas emissions and affordability of energy.

Key Statistics

Did you know...

...that in Lebanon up to 4.5% of electricity comes from hydropower and the rest comes from oil?

…that in 2012 Electricité du Liban (EDL) only met 63% of the demand for electricity in Lebanon?

...that 53% of Lebanon's total greenhouse gas emissions were from the energy sector in 2012?

Goals in action

UNDP Programme Assistance to the Palestinian People

Gaza schools go solar

Bashir El Rayyes High School, an all girls’ school, is one of the 398 schools in the Gaza Strip currently affected by the electricity crisis. Since 2006, Gaza has been facing chronic electrical shortages, exacerbated by the most recent crisis in Gaza, which damaged related infrastructure and Gaza’s sole power plant. MORE >

UNDP Somalia

Harnessing the Power of the Sun – bringing Solar Panels to Somaliland

In the city of Burao, like in other areas of Somaliland, electricity is one of the most expensive commodities. Electricity is provided by a number of private companies, using generators that consume a lot of fuel, making electricity one of the biggest challenges to both development and investment as people struggle with high electricity bills. MORE >

UNDP Lebanon

UNDP helps Lebanon kick off solar powered schools

Teachers and students at 25 public schools in South Lebanon are to benefit from a constant supply of electricity to their offices and classrooms following installation of solar panels that provide an alternative to expensive and polluting diesel generators. MORE >

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